"We specialise in doing modern versions of traditional dishes both British and from around the globe."

How to describe our restaurants?

Delifonesca and Fonseca’s are famed for their  blackboard menu of ever-changing dishes making the most of fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Dining is a real celebration in seasonal eating. The blackboard consists of 12-14 main meals with new dishes appearing each day which means there’s something fresh to discover every time.

Martin Cooper, who has been head chef since the business opened 10 years ago shares Candice’s philosophy showcased on a menu reflecting what’s good to eat, right now. Diners will find a great choice of modern takes on traditional British favourites and global dishes. All made with the best of ingredients most of which can be purchased in the deli, whether they’re popping in for breakfast, lunch or a three-course evening meal.

Deli platters are popular as shared starters. The deli dip platter includes mouth-watering in-house hummus, tahini and roasted red pepper & roasted aubergine pate. Whilst the Great British Platter showcases hand-raised pork & apple pie, rare Welsh Black Beef, roast deli ham and Mrs Kirkham’s Tasty Lancashire. All elements are available for purchase from the food hall should the customers want to continue enjoying the taste at home.



Delifonseca Dockside

Delifonseca Dockside is down at Brunswick Quay. Attached to our award-winning food hall it is a 70 seater restaurant with a glass covered south facing alfresco dining area.

It opens serving breakfast from 8am straight through until late. The ever-changing blackboard menu kicks in from midday along with our standard menu of hot sandwiches and deli platters.

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Fonseca's Stanley St

Opened in 2006 this was the original Delifonseca. It still has it's signature blackboard but the deli has gone and has been replaced by an intimate 'Downstairs' bar with vintage cinema seats and cocktails on the menu.

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