“Passionate about all things food related”

Delifonseca is a small independent company based in Liverpool that’s simply passionate about all things food related. Based a mile south of the city centre at Brunswick Quay, Dockside is a foodie ‘all-rounder’, operating both a licensed retail food operation and restaurant.
Additionally, Delifonseca Dockside has the pleasure of housing award winning butchers Edge & Son.

We offer a wide range of outside catering options both for corporate lunches or private events, and have done so for many years.


The first Delifonseca opened on Stanley St in June 2006. Despite trying to convince myself otherwise, I couldn’t resist the urge to create the type of delicatessen & restaurant I wanted to shop and eat in. Thankfully there are enough of you out there that share the same passion! Food may be fuel but we all know its also much, much more. It’s at the heart of family life and at the heart of our culture. Good food should deliver healthy nutrition but equally should lift the soul a little. Cooking may be a necessity but it shouldn’t necessarily be a chore. Sermon over!

Delifonseca About StorySo, the vision of the perfect deli…a foodie’s Aladdin cave stuffed full of tasty goodies that help you turn the everyday into a plateful of pleasure. Above it was the ideal neighbourhood restaurant serving the type of food you’d do yourself if only you had the time and the training! At the heart of that vision was Candice Fonseca stood behind the counter waxing lyrical and thrusting tasty morsels at willing customers to spread the gospel of good food. For the first 3 years that’s exactly how it was but regrettably as Delifonseca has grown the chances of being spotted behind the counter have disappointingly decreased (but not disappeared).
The good news is that staff who share a foodie passion have sought out their spiritual home and have continued to preach the Delifonseca doctrine of good taste.
The even better news is that we opened a second location down at Brunswick Quay in Sept 2010!