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The world feels like its ending…. help your local businesses through it!

We may have closed the restaurant but we’ve just launched a home grocery delivery service to central and south Liverpool.

We are providing LOCAL DELIVERY to those in need in the following postcodes L1, L2, L3, L7, L8, L15, L16, L17, L18, L19, L24, L25, L26 the charge is £5.

If you can use our collection service please do as it leaves slots free for those that cannot get out.

Supplying everything you need, from your essentials to treats and don’t forget we also have the fabulous Edge Butchers in-house so there’ll be no issue with the supply chain of their local meat! Our chefs are also preparing delicious ready meals, to alleviate the monotony of eating the stock pile of dried pasta you’ve hoarded.

From fresh fruit & veg, fresh deli goodies to wine & whisky we’ll be able to deliver to you weekly and drop it at your front door with no handshakes or high fives!

This service has literally only just been launched as a way of providing a much needed service and also to helping Delifonseca and its suppliers survive.

We’ll quickly be putting more and more ‘bundles’ of essentials online to make the ordering process slicker.

BUT REMEMBER we’ll always give you a ring to confirm the delivery day and allow you to add on any other products you need from our extensive ranges.

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