The Great Taste Award winners are out…but what does this mean?

Following the recent August Great Taste Awards winner announcements, we thought we would explain a little about the folks behind the awards and what it means to you!



“What is the Guild of Fine Food?” I hear you cry…

In the early 90s, a group of individuals interested in the fine food industry funded the creation of the Guild of Fine Food.

From this movement, the Great Taste Awards were born!
Stemming from the fact only 1400 independent fine food shops were left around this time, the aim was to encourage retailers and producers to work together to assure consumers that higher quality food is mostly created in small batches.

From over 1000 products entered into the Awards in 1999, to the 2017 introduction of a cap of 12,500 entrants, the awards have developed a certain kudos.

The most recent awards involve 60 days of judging from over 500 judges.
Sounds like the ideal foodie job…. Until you hear that in the early days one judge spent the night in hospital with an acute digestive upset after tasting 35 pickles! Imagine that!




So what are the Great Taste Awards? (Click here for 2017 highlights)

They are the largest, most trusted accreditation scheme!
Judges blind taste products and so search for seek great tasting products regardless of branding or packaging.

The awards themselves comprise 3 categories….

3* “Exquisite” for extraordinarily tasty food. With less than 3% of entrants winning this top grade. (Hawkshead Cumberland Sauce, Mrs Kirkhams tasty Lancashire)

2* “Outstanding” for foods above and beyond delicious. Under 15% of applicants achieve this accolade. (Neighbourhood Ethiopia coffee, Olives et Al Tapenade)

and 1* “Simply delicious”, with around 25% of applicants winning a 1* award.
(Rude Health Granola, Teapigs green tea with mint)








As you can see from the figures…. Competition is fierce. There are quite a lot of applicants who don’t receive an award at all.

Next up in our calendar is The Speciality and Fine Food Fair, something Great Taste Awards works closely with; showcasing some of this years 3* award winners.
An ideal chance for us to discover and taste the best in new products for you guys.

Keep glued to our social accounts around 3rd September to see what we get up to!


In addition to product awards, The Guild of Fine Foods also honours a ‘Shop of the Year”.

You may have heard we have been shortlisted under the Delicatessen category as one of this years’ finalists!
We find out the outcome at a late summer party on 20th September…wish us luck!


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