Fairtrade Fortnight

Divine Fairtrade

With Fairtrade Fortnight well underway, Delifonseca Dockside is encouraging its shoppers to choose Fairtrade as part of the two-week celebrations.

The national calendar event, which runs until March 8, started back in 1995 with the aim of educating the public on why to choose Fairtrade, whilst increasing sales on Fairtrade terms for marginalised producers.

Over the past 20 years, the Fairtrade Mark has become the biggest and best-known ethical label in the UK with 78% of the UK public now recognising the registered certification label.

Proprietor of Delifonseca Candice Fonseca said: “We have stocked Fairtrade products since the day we opened and for us it’s about putting the spotlight on the producers who grow the ingredients we love.

“It’s also about helping to deliver the key message of how Fairtrade helps to connect with communities from across the globe to support fair trade policies for farmers and workers, offer better prices and certify decent working conditions.”

Delifonseca Dockside, who were crowned Best Independent Retailer at the Observer Food Monthly Awards 2014, stock a variety of Fairtrade products (general those items that are now too often traded as global commodities in the same way as oil and coal) such as sugars, teas, coffees, dried fruits and nuts.

Candice added: “The unique Fairtrade approach is based on the partnership between those who grow the produce and those that consume it- making it beneficial to all involved.

“Whether it is adding an item to your weekly shop or using a few ingredients in one dish over the fortnight, it all makes a considerable difference.. One of our favorite and most popular Fairtrade brands is Divine Chocolate. This company has an amazing story. It is 45% owned by a cocoa farmers co-operative in Ghana and produces a great tasting, reasonably priced and good looking product that directly benefits the growers community and us the consumers. Their small 50g bars are one our most popular lunchtime treats.”