Cookbook Club at Fonseca's - The Sugar Club

Delifonseca Stanley Street

5th Jul 2016 - 6.00 pm

We are hosting our very own Cook Book club for all the foodies out there!

The Idea…
Once a month the club will get together, with everyone bringing a dish they made themselves from a cook book selected together! We’ll then tuck in and enjoy!

Here is a link to the spreadsheet to enter your recipe:

And a link to our special Cookbook club Facebook page:

For anyone who’s new, You pick a recipe to make out of this month’s book, make it at home, pop it in some tubs, and bring it along for our kitchen to serve. You just fill in your name and what item you are making on the spreadsheet (this is very important so that we know in advance and so you can see what others are doing (no duplicates, please). You also need to bring along a cookbook of your choice so we can have a vote and choose who’s book to cook from the following month.

Any containers you bring in with your food will be washed and returned to you at the end of the night.

Here is a link to the amazon page for the book if you’re having trouble finding it:
We also have a copy of the book in the Bar if anyone who would prefer not to buy it.

Happy cooking and we look forward to seeing you all there x

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